Friday, March 10, 2006

My first exoplanet detection

As I said, I have done a few tests on mag. 11.2 exoplanet host TrES-1. Below is a photometry graph measured on it. Images were takenwith C18 in New Mexico, exposure is 60 second, both dark frame andflat is applied. could clearly be seen that the error is <0.01>500 km drive from Arizona to NewMexico, the sky was cloudy and wind gust up to 40 MPH(not safe toeven open the domes). After some sleep and woke up the sky startedto clear. I had missed the ingress but luckily I should be able toimage the egress(?). Minutes ago I run out of the room and check thesky is very clear (using remote I could only guess that it wasclear, but could not see thin haze) and downlaod the first 80 secondtest shot and the S/N is 500!So, so far so good and if the weather keep cooperating, in anotherhalf an hrs I should gather all the data and hopefully could producesomething like this :-) (well, at least the right hand part of it)